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Respecting and protecting the privacy of our users is essential for BESTAG S.A.S. DE C.V. , for which we ask you to dedicate a few minutes of your time to read this privacy notice.
BESTAG, like most technology companies, collects and processes data about users in order to provide a quality service and to continue improving it day by day.
The content of this privacy notice consists of: 1.-What data we collect.
2.-How the collected data are used.
3.-The way the data is collected.
By visiting this Website or providing us with personal information, you agree to be bound by the terms of this policy.
This privacy notice constitutes a way of complying with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals in relation to the use, obtaining, storage and / or handling of personal data of natural persons ( hereinafter, the "Owner") that are collected by BESTAG.
We collect data, especially to identify products and offers that may interest you, facilitate and optimize your navigation or improve the services we offer.
These usage data refer in particular to the details of your use of our services (the pages visited, the offers consulted, the conditions you are looking for, etc.) or the identification of your session using cookies. In addition, our server logs record the browser used, the operating system, the IP address and the source urls.
Likewise, this privacy notice applies to all personal information
and / or personal data collected by BESTAG, from the natural persons holding personal data, (hereinafter as the Owner), due to their character as a user of the website.
- Full Name
- Date of birth - Sex
- Civil Status
- Billing information: name, RFC, tax address and email for sending invoices.
BESTAG will keep the Owner's Personal Data for as long as necessary to process their requests for information, products and / or services, as well as to maintain accounting, financial and audit records in terms of the LFPDPPP and commercial and tax legislation. and current administrative.
In addition to controlling the disclosure of such data or information from business partners. BESTAG undertakes not to transfer, assign or share, whether for free or onerous, the Owner's Personal Data without the prior written consent of the Owner. Similarly, each of the parties undertakes to notify the other in writing, within the following three days, counted from the loss, leakage or disclosure of personal data, whether due to negligence, fraud or bad faith, own of its officers, employees, clients or advisers
Therefore, BESTAG will give special treatment to said sensitive personal data, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties. The purpose and specific use of the personal data provided by the Owner may be: Provision of Services.
BESTAG may use your personal data to provide you with the contracted services, as well as to comply with the agreements and / or contracts entered into between the Owner and BESTAG to the extent necessary, in order to identify you, ensure functionality and functionality. quality of services, as well as carrying out the corresponding billing.
Development of new products and / or services.
BESTAG may use your personal data to develop new products and services. However, in most cases only aggregated and dissociated information is used for statistical purposes.
1.2 Communication.
BESTAG may use the Owner's personal data for communication purposes, for example, to send you notices regarding our products or services and news
of the electronic bulletin.
1.3 Marketing and recommendations.
BESTAG may use the Holder's personal data to send him personalized offers and provide him with more appropriate services, for example, to make recommendations and show him the content of third-party services and advertise them. This may include products and / or services of the page and of
for third parties, as well as special promotions thereof, including advertising information for products, as well as special promotions for products and / or any product or service considered to be of interest to the Owner.
Regarding the sending of the information described above, the Holder may exercise his right of opposition to continue receiving said advertising information, in writing through the website, to the contact information that is established therein, expressing said opposition or through the instructions that appear for that purpose in said emails.
BESTAG states that it has taken reasonable, necessary and within its power to protect personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or treatment. Access to this information is limited to
the people who must know it to fulfill the purpose of their work.
BESTAG declares that it has sufficient security measures for the protection, confidentiality and assurance of the data provided by the Holder, in order to restrict access to them to unauthorized persons as well as the treatment of said data in contravention of the provisions. in this Privacy Notice.
The parties will not have an obligation of confidentiality regarding the information that: a) Is in the public domain at the time it is received, or that will become so without violating any of the obligations established here; b) It is known, and it can be shown that it has been known, at the time of receipt and that it was not acquired directly or indirectly on a confidentiality basis; c) Your disclosure is approved in writing by the party that owns the information.
In the event that the receiving party is legally required to disclose information provided on a confidentiality basis, the receiving party must notify the party that owns the information of such situation, so that the latter can file those actions. laws that proceed in accordance with the applicable legislation, in order to protect the confidentiality of said information, the foregoing with the understanding that the receiving party will be obliged to provide the party that owns the information all the necessary support and help within of its possibilities to achieve this end, including with regard to directly exercising all those legal actions and exceptions that are aimed at safeguarding the interests of
The party that owns the information.
BESTAG reserves the right to periodically update this Notice to reflect changes in our information practices. In the event that any of the parties breaches any of the stipulations contained in this Notice, the breached party undertakes to compensate the affected party for the damages that such breach causes, provided they are reliably proven.
All your personal data are treated in accordance with the applicable and current legislation in the country, therefore we inform you that you have at all times the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the treatment that we give to your personal data, as well as revoke the consent granted for the treatment of the same; rights that you can assert by requesting them through the mail:
The data collected is used to provide, enrich and improve services
for what we offer. They allow us to develop the relevance of our search engines and offer you more adapted content. We use this data to personalize our search results and the offers we present.
We use different technologies to optimize your user and browser experience, including providing you with a version of our services in your language or offering commercial offers found in your area. We cannot identify you from the data collected and we do not combine information about you from third party sources. Therefore, we do not know who you are, we do not know your name, address, etc.
Furthermore, we do not market any of this data. We do not communicate or share them with any third party.
We use different technologies to collect and store such data, including service cookies and advertising cookies, tags, and anonymous identifiers. Therefore, when you access the BESTAG sites, cookies are transferred and installed on the computer or mobile terminal from which this access is made.
Cookies are very commonly used on the Internet to facilitate your search or provide you with a more relevant browsing experience. They allow you to take advantage of all the features of our sites, including the user preference storage functions, which is why we recommend that you leave them active.

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